Toilet seat covers and public toilet hygiene

Everybody uses public toilet and if we can, we don’t even want to touch the door handle when you open the toilet door. We all know that we need to wash our hands with soap after we use toilet.

We don’t want to touch the toilet seat if we don’t have to, because there are many people sat on it before, but we have to sit down to do “our business”. So do you or can you take a show after you site on the toilet seat in public toilet as you would wash your hand after toilet? The answer is most likely to be negative. Toilet seat is full of germs that left over from previous users, and how do you make sure that you don’t get the germs that is rest on the toilet seat? Unless you have a personal cleaner to clear the toilet seat or you are willing to wipe the toilet before you use it.  Otherwise, consider this easier solution to your toilet seat hygiene concerns, use disposable toilet seat covers. Toilet seat covers is easy to use and it flushes away after you use it. The cost of toilet seat cover are very reasonable too. It only costs 5 cents per sheet of toilet seat covers, so event if you have to go to toilet 10 times a day, it will only costs 50 cents. Think about it, what can you do with 5 cents these days? Nothing really, but you can look after your own health by using a MaxCare toilet seat covers on the public toilet seat.

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Sydney Airport Bus Transfers

It is a 30 minutes traveling time from Sydney airport to Sydney city, but you could turn it into an 2 hours journey if you choose the wrong airport bus company. Most of the shuttle buses will make it wait for the other passengers to come on board, go around the places to drop them off. imaging you have to wait for 3 – 5 flights and share your bus with 6- 10 other passengers, then go to 4 – 8 different hotels before you get to your hotel. You would be lucky to get to you hotel in 2 hours. Would you better off to spend the extra one and half hour at your hotel and getting ready to see Sydney Opera House?

Book your private us at, we offer door to door private bus transfer. Your journey from Sydney airport to city hotels will take just around 30 minutes and you can relax in our luxury bus. One stop direct bus services to home and hotel in Sydney and suburbs.