Start making money with a party hire business!

If you are interested in making a bit of extra money without having to invest much, then it is highly recommended for you to consider getting started with running a party hire business. Here’s how you can get started with a party rental business that offers services like chair hire, marquee hire etc.

marquee hire sydneyBefore anything else, carry out a bit of research over party rentals on the internet. While you are at it, write down details of the things that interest you the most, and carry out a bit of price comparison. Now, settle on the things that you wish to purchase. These can be inclusive of food service items, folding chairs, marquees, slushie machines, jumping castles, popcorn machines and a whole lot more.

While doing so, make sure that you make the purchases as per the budget that you have set. Yes, you need to sort out how much money you are willing to spend to get things started. Considering that you aren’t interested in making a major investment, just focus on a single item for the moment, Later, you may add things on to your list of party hire items to expand your business. Once all that
is covered, decide the rental price you wish to charge. Carrying out a bit of research over the price charged by other party rental companies in your area is highly recommended here.

The next thing that you need to do is to come up with a marketing plan. It is best to use email marketing, flyers, business cards and a website for the said purpose and is sure to bring in lots of sales to your business!

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Dropped ink on your upholstery Sydney? Here’s how you can remove it!

An eyesore – that’s what a couch or other upholstery Sydney items can look like if it has ink stains on it. Ink stains typically come up over commercial upholstery Sydney items when someone sits on it with a pen inside the pocket of their pants and it leaks ink, or gets broken. But if you’re at home, there is a good chance that a child may draw something over it, and create the stain. No matter the cause, ink stains are a nightmare when it comes to removing them, but the good news is that doing so isn’t impossible. Here’s how:

Steps to take to remove ink stains from your upholstery

upholstery sydneyConsidering that ink may stain your fingers, make sure that you wear a pair of rubber gloves before attempting to do so. To begin with, full in rubbing alcohol into a small dish. Now take a cotton ball and dip it into the rubbing alcohol. While doing so, make sure that you squeeze out all the excess rubbing alcohol from the cotton ball.

Now dab the cotton ball a bit over the ink stain a few times, but make sure that you do not do so harshly. In order to remove the stain of ink, just gently blot it a bit using a paper towel. Once done, do away with the paper towel and the cotton used in the process. The fingertips of the gloves might have a bit of diluted ink staining them a bit, so wear wipe them off so that it doesn’t form a permanent stain. To make sure that the stain is out of the upholstery completely, just keep repeating these steps till the desired result is achieved.


Before trying to remove the ink stain by yourself, get in touch with the upholstery Sydney manufacturer to acquire tips on doing so. There is a good chance that the company might sell specialized products that are meant to help get rid of stains on commercial upholstery Sydney.

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Planning on purchasing a commercial rangehood Sydney? Pay attention to these elements!

Replacing your commercial kitchen appliances is a major decision that requires ample investments. Amongst all the different items and equipment present in your kitchen, one that typically needs to be changed is that of your commercial rangehood Sydney. However, purchasing one doesn’t come as easy as one may think for there are several aspects that need to be considered. A few of them are:

commercial range hoodThe different kinds of rangehoods

Commercial ventilation hoods Sydney are available in many different types and kinds. There are peninsulas or island based rangehoods, along with wall-mounted ones. but if need be, you could get one custom-made just for you.


Along with the basic purpose of removing smoke from the kitchen while you cook, certain rangehoods also offer other features including a clock, timer, lights, and even a place where you may hang your pots.

Things to consider

If truth be told, there are countless things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a commercial rangehood Sydney. One of the most important elements that require your attention is that of its size. Make sure that the rangehood you purchase is in accordance with the size of your stove. Also consider the amount of air that it has the potential to ventilate. Certain models come with high-powered fans, and are rather noisy. However, your best pick is one with several different fan speeds, and also have buffers to keep the noise low.

Types of rangehoods and their differences

There are two different types of rangehoods: vented and recirculation. Vented commercial ventilation hoods Sydney are best to remove all of the harmful air from your kitchen. However, its installation is rather extensive, and can get quite expensive as well. On the other hand, recirculation fans are such that they can easily be hidden within your kitchen’s cabinetry, and accessed only when needed. However, do not purchase these if you cook al ot of frying based dishes in your kitchen.

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Glass Replacement in French Doors

If you have a true French door, then it will feature divided glass panes that are surrounded by mullions. If truth be told, original French doors are extremely easy to repair considering that their glass replacement just requires a single pane to be replaced. The best part is that it can be done in a fraction of the cost that it would take for you to indulge in extensive glass repair Sydney. Here’s how to do it:

glass repairReplacing glass in a French door

Before anything else, you need to break the left over glass on the pane using a hammer. Make sure that it is adequately disposed off. Now, use a hair dryer to soften the putty glazing around the frame’s edges. Once done, take a sharp paint scraper to do away with the glazer’s putty from the frame itself. This is going to help you smoothen the surface. However, make sure that you secure the points found in the putty.

The next thing that you need to do is to measure the opening of the window frame. This needs to be done widthwise from top to bottom, and inside to inside using a measuring tape. Also, it is highly recommended for you to keep a piece of the original glass with you for thickness comparison purposes.

Now take the new pane and set it in the frame. Use a flat-blade screwdriver and tack hammer to tap two points in to the frame’s edge against the glass on all four sides of the pane. Use a caulking gun to cover all the edges of the pane with latex glazer’s compound, and leave it to harden overnight. In order to blend in the new glaze, just apply a coat of matching paint or stain. The same process needs to be repeated with every broken pane.

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Find operating blinds Sydney troublesome? Here’s a short guide to help you out!

Window blinds are typically used these days by interior decorators as a substitute for curtains. This is because these are far easier in terms of their maintenance, and have the potential to enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

Blinds are typically available in two forms: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal blinds are typically made out of vinyl, and they need to be held together using cords. On the other hand, vertical blinds are made out of flexible plastic or other materials that can be clipped into the top of the mount. On the whole, both of these different types of blinds Sydney tend to operate differently.

roller blinds sydneyOperating horizontal blinds

Here’s how you need to operate horizontal blinds or aluminum shutters Sydney:

  1. If you wish to raise your blind, just pull together both the lift cords simultaneously.
  2. Now start pulling both lift cords towards the blinds center. While you are at it, you also need to bringing up your hand.
  3. Now that you need to lock your blinds at the position that they are in at the moment, pull out the lift cords towards the outer ends of the blind.
  4. In order to open the blinds as per the slat dimension you require, just twist the tilt control to the right or left.

Operating vertical blinds

Here is how you need to go about operating vertical blinds Sydney:

  1. Before operating vertical blinds, it is necessary for you to make sure that the individual blind pieces aren’t twisted at the point where they get attached to the blind clip.
  2. Now in order to open or close the blinds, just twist the control wand to the left or right.
  3. So as to move the blind clips along with their corresponding blind pieces, just grasp the control wand and push it to the left or right.

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Making toilet seat covers with the help of towels

Although toilet seat covers allow for you to practice extreme hygiene in the bathroom, there’s another aspect associated with them that we typically tend to ignore. This aspect is associated with their ability to make your bathroom appear a whole lot more welcoming and adequately decorated. Now, if you are the sort of person who likes making sure that everything in their home is perfectly matched, then you sure would be interested in matching the cover of your bathroom towels to that of your toilet seat cover. In such a case, the best thing for you to do is that of making a new color using one of your bathroom towel. This way, you would even be able to wash your toilet covers in a standard washing machine.

Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Start with measuring the width and length of your toilet seat (just the top).
  2. Take a large bath towel, and cut out a circular shape according to the measurement you have taken. However, make sure that you add an extra inch across the edges.
  3. Consider the perimeter of the toilet seat top, and measure it adequately.
  4. Now cut out a piece of elastic ribbon as per the same measurement. This time, you will need to minus 2 inches.
  5. Take the elastic ribbon, and pin it safely against the edge of the towel shape. Here you will need to make use of straight pins.
  6. Now gather around a quarter inch of the towel shape beneath the elastic at a distance of about every 2 inches.
  7. Take the pinned elastic and sew around it. This is going to help you secure it along with the towel fabric.
  8. Finally, sew together the remaining ends of the elastic ribbon.
  9. If there are excessive threads, use a scissor to cut them off.

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Tips to decorate your party with LED lights

led downlightisIf you are a fan of party lights, then it is highly recommended for you to consider the utilization of LED lights. The best part is that LED downlights are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. These tend to illuminate brightly and even use far less energy as compared to old-fashioned Christmas bulb or twinkle lights. Most importantly, these are impervious to weather and are cool to the touch. These aspects typically make them the safest alternative to traditional lights. LEDs can easily be purchased in strands or singles wherein they can be rigged together in many creative ways.

Now, here’s what you need to do to hand LED lights:

  1. Measure the space where you wish to hand the LED lights.
  2. Work out whether you wish to have the light strands run straight across, swag or drift over a post or tree.
  3. Determine the number of strands you require for straight runs by using the total measurements plus a few extra inches.
  4. Now measure the distance that needs to be covered from an electrical source for plug-in lights. This distance will need to be added to the total distance. However, if you are using battery-powered LED strands, don’t take up this step.
  5. You now need to use heavy staples over the strands to create a secure mount. Use suction-mounted hooks to attach wires to glass or metal surfaces.
  6. You may now proceed to hanging the lights, and for this, it is best to use lip based structures like gutters.
  7. Finally, fasten strands using plastic adhesive clips.

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