Corporate Bus Hire Parramatta

When you opt for corporate bus hire Parramatta, you have a certain level of expectation. After all, it is a matter of business and deals making opportunities. Any corporate transportation and transfer task – requires a high standard of service standard and professionalism. You cannot afford to go wrong with corporate transportation requirements. You have to visit places, meet and greet people, make and close deals, collaborate and work with executive level individuals. And when you have to house a large number of individuals and take care of their transportation needs, you need to be super cautious and responsible. To make your corporate bus hire Parramatta needs a success, we at Sydney Coach Charter have arranged executive-class minibusses and coaches. You can also bus hire Sydney with driver. Our drivers are professionally trained, certified, experienced and proficient enough to handle every corporate transportation services.

bus hire sydneyWhen you have a corporate bus hire Parramatta and a focus on corporate transportation, you need only the best team to take care of it all. We at Sydney Coach Charter completely understand the importance of teamwork and have our specialists and experts to coordinate and assist clients with their corporate retreat, excursion, Sydney airport transfer, community transport Sydney, move to conventions, conferences, social outing bus hire and more. We have a fleet of some of the best minibus and chartered coaches. They are of supreme quality, offering excellent comfort, security, and enjoyment to passengers onboard. Apart from corporate bus hire Parramatta, you can also choose Sydney Coach Charter for school bus hire Sydney and wedding transfer Sydney. Irrespective of your booking type, we ensure to make your journey a fun, enjoyable and fruitful one.

Whether you are opting for corporate bus hire Parramatta for trade shows, tech conventions, excursions, factory tour, corporate events or parties or are in need of the best transportation service to drive around large corporate group of executives and VIPs, to and from venues, hotels, and airports, our experts will guarantee to suffice your requirements to the core. You can choose from our fleet of vehicles, ranging in many reclining seating arrangements. Irrespective of the number of passengers you are entitled to help with the transportation, we have luxurious vehicles to house them all.

Log onto our website at, complete the booking procedure online, and we will help you schedule your transportation tasks with utmost diligence and care. If you have an on-demand or a rush booking, you can avail a vehicle of your choice without any hassle. For any query or issue you want to handle, you can directly get in touch with our coordinators and experts. They will help you with every doubt, guide you throughout the process, break the ice between clients and drivers and get the team acquainted with you, when you choose corporate bus hire Parramatta services. We offer affordable, super convenient and the most advanced and feature loaded buses for all corporate transportation requirements in Parramatta. Fill the form from our website at Sydney Charter Coach and book a schedule today!


Essentials to Host a Perfect Party

Who doesn’t love parties?! In fact, it is super easy to have fun at a party, but planning and arranging one – is more of a daunting task. And as a host, you need to make sure that your guests are kept engaged, interacted with and entertained. Throwing a party comes with a set of do’s and don’ts – which every host must bear in mind. The key to a successful party is a combination of three elements – Food, Entertainment, Flowers, Balloons, and Security.

What Makes a Perfect Party Host?

Whether you are planning a birthday party, baby shower, a corporate event or even a bat mitzvah, you need to make the necessary arrangements from down-bottom and a couple of days before the actual event. From making the guest list, hiring a good workforce to help you with your execution tasks, choosing chair and table hire option, marquee hire, to selecting the best caterer in town, along with the selection of ‘The’ location for your party – all these components make up for your priority task list, and you cannot go wrong, nor miss out on any one of them!

How to Arrange the Best Party?

The best thing to do is fix a theme for your party. Once the idea is fixed, the rest of the elements will follow through. However, there is one thing that can make any social gathering or party a hit – and it is a jumping castle. Many might feel that jumping castles are meant for kids or kid’s party only. But truth be told – jumping castles – and the variants available today – are ideal for children, as well as, adults. Arrange for a jumping castle and see your guests have a blast at your party. Jumping castlehire for kids or / and adults and complete your event.

How to Take Care of Your Guests’ Well-Being, Safety and Hygiene?

buy-toilet-seat-coversAs a host, you are also accountable for your guests’ well-being and safety. So, if you are serving alcoholic drinks and concoctions at your party, you have double the responsibility to ensure your guests do not drink and drive. Thus, it is crucial to arrange for transportation for guests who consume alcohol and secure them from driving under the influence. Bus hire Sydney, rent cars, or any type of transportation and safely transport your guests to their desired destinations.

There is another crucial point that every host must keep in mind – and it is sanitation. You might not be aware of your guests’ preferences or/and phobias, but many people tend not to visit public toilets or toilets that are not theirs. The crisis can cause a major havoc at your party.

So, What You Can Do?

Arrange for disposable toilet seat covers and place them at your restroom. Direct your guests to use them. The gesture and arrangement will only make you look good and make your guests feel that you genuinely care about their health and hygiene!

These little pointers – when taken care of – will help in transforming your event or party into the talk of the town party. And you will be crowned as the Champion Host. So, follow them to the core, when throwing your next party!

Hygiene Rules to Follow When Using a Public Toilet

There is a wrong notion about toilets being dirty. Just because we relieve ourselves there, doesn’t make it unhygienic. In fact, a toilet is one place that majority of us clean and disinfect it on a regular basis. However, the same cannot be said about public toilets. But you can avoid getting infected or contaminated while using public toilets by following a few basic hygiene rules – which include a primary component – toilet seat cover. Using disposable paper toilet seat covers will safeguard you from getting infected by harmful bacteria and diseases – such as – shigella, salmonella, norovirus, E.coli, etc.

Top Hygiene Rules to Follow When Using Public Toilets and Toilet Seat Covers

pubic-toilet-paper-toilet-seat-coversUse Toilet Seat Covers and Paper Towels

Apart from adding a toilet seat cover before using one – you must also be prepared with paper towels. Use one on the faucet – when washing your hands, use another piece of paper towel no faucet handles and doorknobs because they are high-risk regions.

Avoid Squatting While Using the Toilet

Many believe that squatting will prevent their skin to touch the toilet seat and they will be safe from acquiring contamination. Well, truth be told, it is dangerous. When you squat or hover over the bathroom, your pelvic girdle and pelvic floor muscles become tense. The tension experienced in the back, gluten, abs and hip rotators will cause difficulty in urination.

Look out for the Flush

If someone has visited the toilet or used one just before you, make sure to take all the necessary precautions. Whoever visited the toilet will leave behind germs via the flush. Flushing releases various microbes into the air. So, the first thing to do is manage your clothes after doing the deed and then flush the toilet. Don’t worry about the disposable paper toilet seat cover – it will get cleaned automatically.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe

Don’t leave your personal belongings, like, mobile phones, wallet, purse or any other stuff resting on the floor or shelf. Doing so will cause the objects to become germ carriers, leading them to spread the same. You can hang your stuff on the hooks, which are usually there on doors.

Remember to Wash Hands After Using the Toilet

When it comes to hygiene, washing hands becomes the number one priority – after using the toilet. Even if you’ve used toilet seat covers, it is mandatory to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The best option is to use medicated disinfectant rather than soaps.


Toilet seat covers will – to a great extent – help in preventing contamination. They are also hygienic to the core. However, it is equally important to take the necessary hygiene precautions while using a public toilet. People say that toilets at homes are less hoarded with germs, virus, and microbes than public toilets – which is not true. Most public toilets are also cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. And if you happen to find public toilets dirty and unhygienic to use, you can always report to the higher authorities.

Organize the Best Backyard Parties Loaded with Fun, Keeping the Safety and Hygiene in Mind

Everyone desires to have a beautiful patio at home and the Sydney people are the luckiest and blessed to have big backyards. Are you planning a party in your backyard but afraid of rains? The marquee hire is the best option when you are staying in Sydney and planning a party at home. BBQ party in the home backyards are the most popular choices for small get together. Whether you are organizing a birthday party in your backyard or just a get together to meet your friends and family, marquee hire offers the best shelter without hampering your party plans.

marquee hire sydneyRains or harsh weather conditions can anytime call for a spoiler alert. To avoid such unpredictable weather conditions and yet have all the fun like jumping castle or tattoo making, etc. marquee hire becomes mandatory. When you hire a marquee, your space becomes safe to organize any kind of party at any time of the year.  You can make the birthday party for your kids memorable by jumping castle hire for the kids as well as the teenagers. Yes, your teenagers can also have unlimited fun jumping on the colorful and large inflatable castles that are digitally printed and of superior quality.

The marquee hire can be of different shapes and sizes. You can select the size of the marquee according to your backyard space and number of guests and beautifully decorate it with balloons. The foil balloons are also a special attraction in the recent times with its amazing shapes, colors, and designs. But, when you are hosting such parties, the primary thing that needs to be taken care of is the safety and hygiene of your guests.

When you play the host of the party, it calls for sharp eye on minute detail to make your guests comfortable. They must enjoy the party to the fullest with no complaints on any area of the party. From good food to great ambiance, safe space to clean and hygienic washrooms, the host of the party must take care of all.

maxcare toilet seat covers

Toilet Seat Covers

When the washroom is being used by several people, it is bound to carry infections and germs. However clean it might appear, the toilet seats are the most infection prone zone. As marquee hire ensures the safety of your guests from harsh weather, the toilet seat covers guarantees hygiene and cleanliness in your toilets. The toilet seat cover acts as the protective layer between your skin and the toilet seat. This helps to maintain perfect sanitation of your washrooms.

The best thing is, carrying a toilet seat cover is easier than carrying gifts and flowers when you are attending a party. Yes, if you are in doubt that whether the host of the party will be able to maintain a clean toilet, no worries. The toilet seat covers are quite handy and can be carried in your purse too, without any difficulty.

Enjoy the backyard party being stress-free with your friends and family. Bring flowers to brighten up the day for your host friend and chill out while watching your kids play in the marquee hire shelter on the jumping castle.


LATHE-CHUCK-3-JAWGRIP A good grip means a job can be completed safer and faster.

  • At least three jaw teeth should be engaged on the scroll at any position of the chuck jaws.
  • A ground finish on the scroll tooth gives good grip.
  • The RPM of the chuck affects the grip force exerted on the job. Maximum RPM is dependent on whether it is cast iron, SG iron or steel. Recommended safe RPM is governed by standards din6386.1 and VDI3106.
  • Chuck must be properly balanced or grip and RPM are adversely affected.

RUN-OUT ACCURACY This can vary with size of chuck.

  • For sizes up to 315mm diameter run-out accuracy should not exceed 40microns (.0001”)
  • A 400mm diameter chuck run-out accuracy can be up to 75 microns
  • For 500mm or 600mm diameter chucks run-out accuracy can be up to 100microns.

WEAR LIFE Correct material, accuracy of manufacture and finish of components determine life of the chuck.

  • A ground finish on the chuck body will extend wear life.
  • Surface of chuck should be blemish free.
  • Chucks should be cleaned and lubricated regularly with oil for jaws and grease for scroll and pinion.

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AEROCUT ALL PURPOSE DRILLS eliminate the difficulties and problems when drilling stainless steel. Manufactured with powder metallurgy tips which are high temperature bonded to chrome vanadium steel bodies, the geometry of AEROCUT drills ensures problem – free bench drilling of stainless steel, always remembering that coolant must be used.


  • High quality all-purpose drills also provide excellent performance and long wear life for difficult to drill steels and ceramics.
  • The drill to use for those difficult jobs where standard drills fail.
  • Easily cut through hardened and mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal, concrete, ceramic tile, marble, brick, masonry, glass, plastic, laminates, wood and particle board.
  • AEROCUT drills come in sets of 7 or 13 drills in either metric or inch sizes.
  • Packed in professional quality metal boxes with drill sizes clearly labelled.

Metric Sets:

3942S-7 Contains drill sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

3942S-13 Contains drill sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm


AEROCUT Set of 7 metric drills


AEROCUT Set of 13 metric drills


Radial Pole Chuck

Having a problem with your round magnetic chuck because the magnetic grip does not extend to the edge of the chuck?

Solve this problem with a RED-I-GRIP radial pole magnetic chuck. These chucks have a strong magnetic grip that extends to the edge of the chuck leaving no ‘dead’ areas as well as generating up to 16kg/ cm2 direct pull.
RED GRIP RADIAL POLE MAGNETIC CHUCKOther features to look for when selecting a magnetic chuck are
• A reliable ON/OFF switch system to ensure long life of the chuck as well as being able to be partially switched on whenever full grip is not needed.
• Chucks should always be sealed against coolant and di-electric fluid to ensure safety if working on EDM equipment.
• A chuck should have a strong grip to allow the grip diameter to be increased by using horizontal pole extensions and the use of vertical pole extensions should allow the chuck to be used on jobs without a flat grip surface.
• The radial pole chuck should also be able to be mounted on lathes, grinders and wherever extra powerful grip is needed

Also note that if a chuck has a centre hole it will allow non-magnetic plugs to be used to accurately centre jobs whereas a chuck without a centre hole can be machined after mounting to centre the hole to be concentric with the machine spindle axis.