Things to avoid when taking on a car hire service

car-hireTaking on a car hire service is truly a great option available these days. However, there are certain things that you need to event so as to help save yourself from a substantial amount of hassle and stress in the long run. Here’s just what you need to avoid:

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to make early bookings with the UTE & van hire company that you choose. You must never leave it until the last moment. If you happen to know the dates when you will be acquiring the car hire service, then don’t laze around, and make a booking right away. This is because booking in advance may help you acquire great discounts and deals. An economical car rental is what is guaranteed this way.

The next thing that you need to do is that of making sure that the car is never parked in compromising areas. Yes, driving a totally revved up car is great, but choosing a place to park it is a totally different story. Remember, you are going to have to pay for any damages incurred on the car, so you must stay well-protected at all times. For this reason, you need to park very carefully.

Also, you must regularly fill up the petrol/gas tank. Doing so must never be left until the last moment. If you return the car with a tank that is less than full, you can expect paying up a substantial amount of money. So, save your cash, and fill up the gas tank! For the best UTE & van hire services around, get in touch with Excel Car Rentals right away.


Car hire, Ute and Van Hire Services for your Big Day – Exel Cars

Moving around personal belongings and other items require a lot of planning. Also it is not possible to own cars, Ute or vans for only these purposes and at all times. Thus, there is always a scope to opt for car hire or Ute & van hire services. In Sydney, it is possible to get these services at affordable rates. You only need to check on the quality of the service provider.

car hire sydney - mitsubishi lancerThere will be times when you will be required to travel long distances in Sydney and you cannot rely on public modes of transport. This is when you will have to rely on car hire services as they can provide you customised services according to your requirements. Cars also make an attractive preposition since they allow 3-4 people to travel with you to your destination. In Sydney, you will come across many service providers who will provide these services to you. However, you need to select a car hire package that best suits you and is within your budget. Similarly, as will be the case with moving people from one part of Sydney to another, you may occasionally be required to transport your belongings or office items over long distances. This is when you need Ute & van hire services! Continue reading

Cheap Car Hire Services Just for You!

Exel Car Rental is the company that specialises in providing cheap car hire services in Sydney. All our services are provided by experienced and trained chauffeurs. With over 10 years of experience serving Sydneysiders you can be sure your requirements will be well attended by us. In choosing our cheap Ute & van hire services over others you can ensure your journey to be smooth and comfortable. Also our travel packages are flexible and are sure to provide maximum value to your money. Continue reading

Choose Excel Car Rental for All Your Ute & Van Hire Needs

Getting car rental services that is reliable and professional is not always easy. However, if you are in Sydney it is a lot easier than you might think. Excel Car Rental is a company that specialises in providing ute & van hire and car hire services in Sydney and surrounding areas. Having been in the business for several years we understand the need of our customers to reach their destination in time and without any hassle. Our services are developed to cater to these needs and more. The fact that we have long term customers working with us is a testimony to our commitment and passion with which we go about our work. Continue reading

The Best Car Hire Service Provider in Sydney!

Excel Car Rental has been over the years a preferred travelling partner for many customers in Sydney. The fact that we are preferred over other service providers in the region is due to our committed and friendly services. We will never compromise on the quality of service we provide to our customers as they mean a lot to us and our business. Our Ute hire, van hire and car hire services are exclusively designed keeping you in mind. We would love to see you and your partners travel in comfort and without any hassle in Sydney. And our hire packages reflect this sentiment. Continue reading