Planning on purchasing a commercial rangehood Sydney? Pay attention to these elements!

Replacing your commercial kitchen appliances is a major decision that requires ample investments. Amongst all the different items and equipment present in your kitchen, one that typically needs to be changed is that of your commercial rangehood Sydney. However, purchasing one doesn’t come as easy as one may think for there are several aspects that need to be considered. A few of them are:

commercial range hoodThe different kinds of rangehoods

Commercial ventilation hoods Sydney are available in many different types and kinds. There are peninsulas or island based rangehoods, along with wall-mounted ones. but if need be, you could get one custom-made just for you.


Along with the basic purpose of removing smoke from the kitchen while you cook, certain rangehoods also offer other features including a clock, timer, lights, and even a place where you may hang your pots.

Things to consider

If truth be told, there are countless things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a commercial rangehood Sydney. One of the most important elements that require your attention is that of its size. Make sure that the rangehood you purchase is in accordance with the size of your stove. Also consider the amount of air that it has the potential to ventilate. Certain models come with high-powered fans, and are rather noisy. However, your best pick is one with several different fan speeds, and also have buffers to keep the noise low.

Types of rangehoods and their differences

There are two different types of rangehoods: vented and recirculation. Vented commercial ventilation hoods Sydney are best to remove all of the harmful air from your kitchen. However, its installation is rather extensive, and can get quite expensive as well. On the other hand, recirculation fans are such that they can easily be hidden within your kitchen’s cabinetry, and accessed only when needed. However, do not purchase these if you cook al ot of frying based dishes in your kitchen.

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The necessity of a commercial rangehood Sydney

Irrespective of whether you are interested in opening your own restaurant, or already have opened one for business purposes, it is necessary for your commercial kitchen to meet commercial kitchen building standards as well as ventilation requirements prior to being able to serve a meal. Here, you need to bear in mind the basic fact that a commercial rangehood Sydney requirement is never the same as a residential kitchen hood requirement.

Most major appliances in a commercial kitchen setting, including deep fryers, ranges, pizza ovens, grills, steamers and dishwashers must have commercial ventilation hoods Sydney. In certain cases, it is easily possible for you to place multiple appliances under a single hood. However, it is totally dependent upon the type of appliance being installed. Residential kitchen hoods should not be used in a restaurant or commercial kitchen as they do not typically meet commercial kitchen regulation standards.

Commercial kitchens typically include two types of commercial ventilation hoods Sydney that are constructed from stainless steel or galvanised steel. Type I commercial kitchen hoods are typically larger and feature an extra component for removing grease and smoke before they reach the ventilation system. Type I commercial commercial rangehood Sydney are usually required over grills, ovens, fryers and all other solid-fuel appliances. Type II commercial kitchen hoods are often smaller and are typically used over steamers or pastry dishwashers. They remove unpleasant odours and moisture from the air before they reach the ventilation system. If truth be told, there are countless benefits that commercial kitchen hoods have to offer, and you must make sure that these re appropriately installed and being used in your kitchen. To purchase top notch quality commercial kitchen hoods, make sure that you check out what Commercial Range Hood has to offer!

Information about the different types of commercial ventilation hoods Sydney available

A commercial rangehood Sydney is basically a mechanical installation that has particularly been designed to filter air of airborne particles that come up during cooking. These particles are typically inclusive of combustion products, grease, smoke, heat, steam and odors etc. These are also known as commercial ventilation hoods Sydney and provide cooks with clean air.

There are many different types of rangehoods available these days, all of which are meant to fulfill the ventilation needs of domestic and commercial kitchens. For instance:

Wall-chimney hoods
This particular type of commercial rangehood Sydney is a hanging hood that needs to be attached to the wall or ceiling. These are typically mounted on top of stovetops that do not have cabinets.

Under-cabinet hoods
These are an extremely common type of ventilation hoods. They are installed underneath a cabinet over a stovetop. You need to install piping an tubing for these to exhaust smoke, and fumes etc.

Downdraft hoods
These hoods are particularly meant to be used above island-style stovetops. These are known to exhaust through piping air to the floor, where ducts suck out the ait and filter it with the help of floor piping.

Island hoods
These are quite like wall-chimney commercial ventilation hoods Sydney, and are typically installed where there aren’t any cabinet structures.

Ductless hoods
This particular type of hoods is specifically designed so as to trap grease and oil that enter the air present over a stovetop. These are not meant to help filter air. Rather, these direct the air back out into the kitchen for dispersal purposes.

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