Chocolate Fountain Hire – a Must have for any Parties Sydney

When you are exploring different ways to keep your guests happy at your party or special event, make sure you check out chocolate fountain hire services provided by us, the Chocolate Fountain Co. Our chocolate machines may appear simple but they are extremely efficient and will help you generate delicious Belgium chocolates in large quantities. In having our chocolate fondue hire services you can taste chocolate in many different ways. For example, you can consider dipping different types of foods like strawberries in our chocolate liquid so that you enjoy chocolate differently. Continue reading


Chocolate Fountain Hire Services Like You Never Heard Before!

Everybody loves chocolate no matter what the occasion is. If you have a big party or a special event coming up at your place, then make sure you contact the Chocolate Fountain Co as we provide best-in-class and affordable chocolate fountain hire and chocolate fondue hire services in Sydney. Continue reading

Quality Affordable Slushie Machine Hire Just For You

Some of the best party based services and products can be had from Cocktail Machine Co in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. We have a range of party products that you will find suitable for your parties irrespective of the budget you have. For example, we have different varieties of cocktail machine and slushie machine that can be dispatched to your place before your event commences. But before you choose the machine for your party, you need to identify the size of your party or number of people you are entertaining for the day. This is because we have single bowl machines, twin bowl machines and triple bowl machines.

slushie machine hireA single bowl cocktail machine is enough to provide 60 slushies or cocktails. This machine is recommended for small parties as you can easily serve about 2-3 drinks for every person. In other words, this machine should be suitable for a party that entertains about 20-30 people. However, you have the option to order for extra refills if there is a need. Our twin bowl slushie machine on the hand is the most popular of our range. In choosing this machine you have the option of serving two flavours for your guests. As such you can easily make about 120 drinks through this machine. It is enough for a party that entertains about 40-60 people. The best way to use this machine at your party is to reserve one flavour for adults and the other for kids. You can also order for refills if you want to serve more drinks at your party.

Triple bowl cocktail machine is suitable for you if you are hosting a big event with large number of guests. In choosing this slushie machine package you will get multiple flavours to provide to your guests. The three bowls that are provided in these machines are enough to produce mouth watering drinks to your guests. About 180 drinks can be easily generated through this machine.

Cocktail Machine Co provides the best cocktail machine and slushie machine and related services to you in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. Besides providing the best of these machines, the company also provides quality mixes at affordable prices.

Value for Money Chocolate Fountain Catered to Your Parties

The best way to make your party special and set the mood right for your guests is to have chocolate fountain hire. In Sydney, we, the Chocolate Fountain Co, is the leading supplier of quality and affordable chocolates and chocolate fondue machine. The reason why most Sydneysiders choose us is because of we provide a lot of variety through our products. For example, nowhere in Sydney you will find a company that provides delicious and fresh chocolates at affordable rates. Upon request, we can also provide different varieties or flavours of chocolates to keep guests interested in your party. Our chocolate vending machines are excellent too. They will provide you reliable and smooth services all through your event so that you can concentrate on many other important things during your party.

Chocolate-FountainWe can certainly provide different varieties of chocolates to you, including white, dark and milk chocolate. You can choose the flavour depending upon the taste of your guests and budget. Our chocolate fountain hire packages will let you choose the type of machine you want for your party. We have different sizes of machines at our disposal and you can choose the one that is right for your party. Mind you, the bigger your party is the bigger chocolate fondue machine hire package you may need to choose. Only when you hire a large capacity machine you will be able to churn out chocolate goodies in large quantities and keep a large number of guests glued to your offerings.

By choosing our chocolate fountain hire package you are sure to get machines that are well maintained and do the kind of service you are expecting out of it. Each machine is carefully inspected for problems and is delivered to our customers. We make sure that our chocolate fondue machine is able to meet your party requirements easily and within your budget.

You can serve the best of Belgian chocolates and goodies made from chocolates to your party guests by choosing chocolate fountain hire services from Chocolate Fountain Co. We are Sydney’s leading and most popular chocolate fondue machine suppliers.

Hire a Chocolate Fountain and Make Your Party Stand Out

Having a chocolate fountain at your party will not only give you an opportunity to provide something different to your guests, but it will also provide them a chance to spend some time with one another. A chocolate fondue is the perfect ice-breaker you can have when you several silence moments at your party place.

chocolate fountain hireThere will always be a reason or two in hiring a chocolate fountain for your party. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a birthday party, these wonder machines can provide you and your guests to have many wonderful moments together. Once you have a chocolate fondue machine installed at your place you can have different foods dipped into the flowing liquid chocolate and be a part of soul-satisfying’ moments with your guests. It does not matter what you are dipping in the molten chocolates – marshmallows, fudge or strawberries, you are sure to give your guests certain moments that they will cherish for the rest of their life. Continue reading

Create a WOW Atmosphere at your Party through Chocolate Fountain Hire

Chocolates are among most popular foods people of different age groups like. When you have chocolate fondue machine that lets you make many interesting things dipped in chocolate, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, to make your party or special event truly memorable consider a chocolate fountain machine hire service. Continue reading

Benefits in Hire a Cocktail or Slushie Machine for Your Party in Sydney

When you decide to provide your party guests with lots of drinking options; you are paving way for yourself and your guests to be happy and content all through the event. The best and assured way of ensuring you and your guests are provided with loads of drinking options is to have cocktail machine hire services or slushie machine hire services around. These services, as most of you would hope for, is extremely convenient and simple way of not just quenching the thirst of all those who are active in the party but also provide a way to keep them entertained at your party! In having these services at your place you can be sure of providing drinks of different flavours in their fresh form and in large quantities. What is remarkable with these party or event based services is that they are affordable and hassle free. You only need to place an order for these machines and then sit back to see and see them work beautifully for you! Continue reading