The way to market your oil paintings for sale

If you truly wish to be a successful artist, then it is necessary for you to market your artwork canvas oil paintingproperly. Remember, this world is very competitive, and it is only possible for those who market their oil paintings for sale.

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to prepare a portfolio. You need to maintain a regular portfolio as well as one of your oil paintings online. Within the portfolio, it is highly recommended for you to keep professional quality photographic representations of your oil paintings. This should be inclusive of the ones that have already been sold. You also need to focus on displaying your art work. Your best bets are coffee shops, bookstores and fashion retailers etc. Depending on your work, you may be able to convince high-class clubs, hotels and restaurants to display your pieces, with or without a percentage of the profits going to them. Affluent art lovers are more likely to pay for original artwork. It even may be possible to display your pieces at your local city hall or public library. Be sure to enter your artwork into various local and regional art contests and art festivals. The more people who see your artwork, the better are your chances of selling it.

Another option that you have is that of displaying your oil paintings for sale online. For this purpose, it would be necessary for you to create a website dedicated to marketing your oil paintings in a very inventive way. This ‘inventive’ means of displaying your artwork and bringing it into public view. There are countless do-it-yourself website services available these days, so make sure that you look into their usage.

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Are art reproductions as good as their originals?

There is simply no doubt about the fact that fine art reproductions of classic master piecescanvas oil painting and famous oil paintings are the closest alternatives to owning original pieces of art. These canvas wall art reproductions are faithfully replicated by professional artists. The replicas are hand-painted with the help of oil paints on to the canvas, just like the original. The best part, and the major reason as to why these are so popular is because reproductions of paintings are extremely cost effective. This means that just about anyone can easily afford them.

But the one question that comes up with regards to art reproductions is that whether they are as good as their originals or not? Well, for this question to be answered, it is necessary for us to consider the basic four quality levels associated with reproduction of canvas wall art. These are inclusive of commercial, medium, high and top quality, also known as museum quality reproductions. Top quality reproductions are considered the best in the industry. If a highly accomplished artist works on these, these are guaranteed to be as good as the original. But the downside to this entire process is that there are countless cheap art reproduction companies out there on the internet, and if they are offering so-called ‘high quality’ oil painting reproductions at extremely cheap prices, then there is a good chance that you will be spending your money on a ‘cheap’ replica – disappointment is the only thing you are going to receive. This means that the art reproductions are going to lack accuracy, and detail. The worst part is that these are usually so poor in terms of their quality, that you would wish you had spent your money on something else!

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