Hygiene Rules to Follow When Using a Public Toilet

There is a wrong notion about toilets being dirty. Just because we relieve ourselves there, doesn’t make it unhygienic. In fact, a toilet is one place that majority of us clean and disinfect it on a regular basis. However, the same cannot be said about public toilets. But you can avoid getting infected or contaminated while using public toilets by following a few basic hygiene rules – which include a primary component – toilet seat cover. Using disposable paper toilet seat covers will safeguard you from getting infected by harmful bacteria and diseases – such as – shigella, salmonella, norovirus, E.coli, etc.

Top Hygiene Rules to Follow When Using Public Toilets and Toilet Seat Covers

pubic-toilet-paper-toilet-seat-coversUse Toilet Seat Covers and Paper Towels

Apart from adding a toilet seat cover before using one – you must also be prepared with paper towels. Use one on the faucet – when washing your hands, use another piece of paper towel no faucet handles and doorknobs because they are high-risk regions.

Avoid Squatting While Using the Toilet

Many believe that squatting will prevent their skin to touch the toilet seat and they will be safe from acquiring contamination. Well, truth be told, it is dangerous. When you squat or hover over the bathroom, your pelvic girdle and pelvic floor muscles become tense. The tension experienced in the back, gluten, abs and hip rotators will cause difficulty in urination.

Look out for the Flush

If someone has visited the toilet or used one just before you, make sure to take all the necessary precautions. Whoever visited the toilet will leave behind germs via the flush. Flushing releases various microbes into the air. So, the first thing to do is manage your clothes after doing the deed and then flush the toilet. Don’t worry about the disposable paper toilet seat cover – it will get cleaned automatically.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe

Don’t leave your personal belongings, like, mobile phones, wallet, purse or any other stuff resting on the floor or shelf. Doing so will cause the objects to become germ carriers, leading them to spread the same. You can hang your stuff on the hooks, which are usually there on doors.

Remember to Wash Hands After Using the Toilet

When it comes to hygiene, washing hands becomes the number one priority – after using the toilet. Even if you’ve used toilet seat covers, it is mandatory to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The best option is to use medicated disinfectant rather than soaps.


Toilet seat covers will – to a great extent – help in preventing contamination. They are also hygienic to the core. However, it is equally important to take the necessary hygiene precautions while using a public toilet. People say that toilets at homes are less hoarded with germs, virus, and microbes than public toilets – which is not true. Most public toilets are also cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. And if you happen to find public toilets dirty and unhygienic to use, you can always report to the higher authorities.


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When you play the host of the party, it calls for sharp eye on minute detail to make your guests comfortable. They must enjoy the party to the fullest with no complaints on any area of the party. From good food to great ambiance, safe space to clean and hygienic washrooms, the host of the party must take care of all.

maxcare toilet seat covers

Toilet Seat Covers

When the washroom is being used by several people, it is bound to carry infections and germs. However clean it might appear, the toilet seats are the most infection prone zone. As marquee hire ensures the safety of your guests from harsh weather, the toilet seat covers guarantees hygiene and cleanliness in your toilets. The toilet seat cover acts as the protective layer between your skin and the toilet seat. This helps to maintain perfect sanitation of your washrooms.

The best thing is, carrying a toilet seat cover is easier than carrying gifts and flowers when you are attending a party. Yes, if you are in doubt that whether the host of the party will be able to maintain a clean toilet, no worries. The toilet seat covers are quite handy and can be carried in your purse too, without any difficulty.

Enjoy the backyard party being stress-free with your friends and family. Bring flowers to brighten up the day for your host friend and chill out while watching your kids play in the marquee hire shelter on the jumping castle.

Making toilet seat covers with the help of towels

Although toilet seat covers allow for you to practice extreme hygiene in the bathroom, there’s another aspect associated with them that we typically tend to ignore. This aspect is associated with their ability to make your bathroom appear a whole lot more welcoming and adequately decorated. Now, if you are the sort of person who likes making sure that everything in their home is perfectly matched, then you sure would be interested in matching the cover of your bathroom towels to that of your toilet seat cover. In such a case, the best thing for you to do is that of making a new color using one of your bathroom towel. This way, you would even be able to wash your toilet covers in a standard washing machine.

Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Start with measuring the width and length of your toilet seat (just the top).
  2. Take a large bath towel, and cut out a circular shape according to the measurement you have taken. However, make sure that you add an extra inch across the edges.
  3. Consider the perimeter of the toilet seat top, and measure it adequately.
  4. Now cut out a piece of elastic ribbon as per the same measurement. This time, you will need to minus 2 inches.
  5. Take the elastic ribbon, and pin it safely against the edge of the towel shape. Here you will need to make use of straight pins.
  6. Now gather around a quarter inch of the towel shape beneath the elastic at a distance of about every 2 inches.
  7. Take the pinned elastic and sew around it. This is going to help you secure it along with the towel fabric.
  8. Finally, sew together the remaining ends of the elastic ribbon.
  9. If there are excessive threads, use a scissor to cut them off.

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Use toilet seat covers to keep your toilet clean!

Irrespective of how much an effort it is that you put in in terms of keeping your bathroomtoilet clean, it is just about impossible for you to keep the germs and bacteria away. Seriously speaking, these are always found hiding in corners of the bathroom. This particularly holds true for the toilet seat, which can be considered as being most prone to germs. These have the potential to cause infections and diseases in case they come in contact with the body.

On the whole, it is necessary for you to take ample precautions so that you can avoid these and live a healthy lifestyle. The best means of doing so is that of the utilization of toilet seat covers. Why is that so? Well, for the simple reason that toilet seat covers decrease the level of contamination. These literally are the solution to all of your germ and bacteria related problems.

The utilization of toilet seat covers is particularly recommended when using public restrooms. When it comes to public toilets, it is best for you to make use of disposable toilet seat covers. These basically serve as a barrier amidst the toilet seat and the user of the bathroom. Through them, you are guaranteed to maintain hygiene, and prevent the onset of any kind of diseases and infections. Earlier, when toilet covers were not easily available, people would make layers of tissues on the seat, these in turn would block the plumbing system, which would cause major inconvenience. Most of the toilet seat covers available now are biodegradable; these have the capability of being flushed after use. As a result, they are quite safe for the plumbing systems because they dissolve much before they can cause any kind of blockage.

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Toilet seat covers and potty training

Toilet Seat Covers – Hygiene Rules While Using a Public Toilet by ozwdsau

You are a good mum and you care so much about your child, you are about to started you “No More Nappies” Challenge? Well done.


Toilet seat covers for Potty Training

I am sure you would keep your toilet at home as clean as possible, you might clean it before your child sit on it, as we all know what is on the toilet seat. Can you keep it to the same standard when you and children are away from home and have to use public toilet? That is probably where the challenges starts.

Well, we have a solution for you and it only costs 5 cents everything you use the toilet. Sounds interesting? Head over to MaxCare and check out the rang of disposable toilet seat covers that is available to keep your children safe and help make your potty training easier.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Protect You From Gems on Toilet Seat

Everybody hates using public restrooms. This shouldn’t be a surprise when everybody knows that public toilets are never as clean as the ones in our very own homes and we have no idea who and how many more strangers have used it before us. Thus, to protect ourselves and our family from the dirt and germs of using public bathrooms, we should always have disposable toilet seat covers handy.

A toilet seat cover is a piece of disposable paper shaped like the toilet seat itself that can be placed on the seat by its user. It is to protect the toilet user from germs that may be resting on the seat by creating a protective barrier.

These disposable toilet seat covers are very easy to use. Most of these seat covers come in re-sealable packages making them easy to put in a pocket, purse or handbag, so you can always bring it along wherever you go and whenever you need it.


Home made toilet seat cover

There are some public toilets provides toilet seat wipe, but are you willing to work as a toilet cleaner to wipe the toilet seat? I don’t think that would be a good idea. Having disposable toilet seat covers on hand should help prevent such mishaps, eliminating not only the risk of you getting wet but also of getting those harmful germs and dirt sticking on your skin that may cause irritation or inflammation.

MaxCare disposable toilet seat covers are design to cover the toilet seat completely, offers complete protection against germs on toilet seat. Toilet seat covers are very light, bringing a pack of Toilet seat covers wherever you go will surely give you a good advantage and prevent those unwanted toilet mishaps.

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Use Disposable Toilet Seat Covers to Maintain Your Hygiene

When you know that you are using a product that is sure to promote personal hygiene, you are sure to use that product on a regular basis and even recommend it to others. Disposable toilet seat covers distributed by MaxCare is one such product that you should consider if you really care about your personal hygiene and of others. This one-of-a-kind product was introduced in the Australian market in 2001 and has been widely used by Australians since. The best part in using MaxCare disposable toilet seat covers is that you need not touch the toilet seat directly. Also they can be easily flushed once used. Continue reading